L4Re - Building

First, get the sources as described on the download page.

  1. Check the build requirements:
    somewhere# apt-get install make gawk g++ binutils pkg-config g++-multilib subversion flex bison
  2. Change to the src/l4 directory:
    somedir$ cd src/l4
  3. Create a new build directory for your build:
    somedir/src/l4$ make B=path/to/builddir
  4. If needed: configure the build tree, e.g. for setting the target architecture. The default architecture is ia32:
    somedir/src/l4$ make O=path/to/builddir config
  5. Build. Add -jX as you like:
    somedir/src/l4$ make O=path/to/builddir

To run a system you also need to build a Fiasco.OC µ-kernel, please refer to the Fiasco.OC build instructions, starting with point 2.

For more information please continue at the documentation page, specifically the Getting Started section.

While L4Re and Fiasco.OC are being built, you might want to look at some screenshots.